BMW Motorrad Riding Academy

Scuola Federale ASC Powered By Riding Academy

BMW Motorrad Riding Academy offers you the deep expertise of professional instructors to improve your riding skills in complete safety and to enjoy the pleasure of riding great motorcycles.
The courses take place at the Vairano track, a fascinating and distinctive location, near Milan, over the countryside.
It doesn’t matter if you are not an expert, the Riding Academy gives basic courses, for beginners, and Advanced courses for experienced riders too. The location, created in order to assure the highest safety, will allow you to practice within a scheduled program (use of ABS, how to avoid obstacles, how to brake in emergency, racetrack riding) being constantly supervised by the instructors of the School.
You can participate with your own bike or rent a BMW (G 650 GS - F 800 R - K 1300 R - R 1200 R): for the Advanced Riding Course it is only possible to ride a BMW motorcycle.
All courses last one day long and at the end of the course everyone receives a certificate of attendance.

Courses provided


  • it is a course addressed to people without experienced riding skills, that want to approach the motorcycle for the first time and learn how to control the bike in complete safety.


  • Here participants will learn how to manage the motorcycle in case of emergency, how to brake on wet road, with or without ABS. At the end of the course, everybody can be able to test the techniques learned during the course on a special track.


  • for experienced riders, a full immersion on the very famous Vairano race track, to test and improve the techniques of braking, waving in and out, overtaking.

Riders equipment

BMW Motorrad reminds that it is necessary to wear a technical rider equipment to attend every riding courses.

First/Basic Course:

Full-face crash Helmet or Modular (NO Jet), gloves, suit jacket, pants with protections and boots with protections.

Advanced Course:

Leather suit with protections, boots with protections, full-face crash Helmet or Modular (NO Jet).


It is possible to rent the Agile F 800 R, the Powerful K 1300 R, the Dynamic R 1200 R and the Energetic G 650 GS.